Author Topic: Better Toxic Gas  (Read 366 times)

I've found pretty often throughout my builds that I could make some use for some sort of toxic gas that actually harms and kills, perhaps with a gas mask that can be used to counteract it. I'm aware there's an addon already that adds the two as items but this is why I'd want something other than that:
  • Being able to trigger toxic gas through events such as spawnToxicGas rather than spawnExplosion > Toxic Gas or having to launch the chemical grenade projectile, would be useful, since as an explosion it is kinda hard to specify regions wherein the toxic gas is active
  • Toxic gas could have an output field where you can designate how long it will be there for
  • Potentially could be customizable, such as setting the effective range for the gas (preferably something like 16x, 32x, 64x, etc.)
  • Not that ugly green color, instead a neutral and ambiguous gray/white, or if possible the added ability to change the color of the gas (not sure how that could work though, nothing absolutely necessary)
  • The chemical grenade causes lag in excess (at least in my and others' experiences)

sounds like you want lingering toxic gas, but the explosion is temporary and a weird size?

potentially could use emitters + zone bricks, but that wouldn't take into account masks or similar without VCE or other events

Or use emitters + bricks + custom script.

can probably package my tear gas from prison break and edit it. also has a gas mask too.