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tbh I couldn't give a damn who 007 is I'm just mad it ain't idris elba
man who the forget is idris elba

Are you actually loving retarded? I can't tell if you took a shotgun shell aspirin before reading his posts and you're missing half your frontal lobe but anyone with two brain cells to rub together understands this has nothing to do with the actors being women, you big dummy.

I don't understand how you manage to be both the smartest on the other side and completely inept at comprehending arguments to the point where you read "these movies are stuff because they tried to make a political point instead of an actual movie" as "I hate wamen"

You sound like one of those knuckledragging dipstuffs who calls anyone who dislikes Brie Larson's stuffty acting a loveist, anyone who found Ghostbusters 2016 to be a piece of derivative stuff a misogynist, anyone who thought Black Panther was trite and typical Marvel drivel a racist. Like, what, you can't criticize their obvious attempts at pandering without being a bigot? The forget is this dumb stuff?
I mean it seems like we agree? people hated the movie because it was bad not because of the women lol. That's what I'm trying to say.

I should've said Lord Tony I guess because I feel like he would be the one complaining that it's bad exclusively because of the women
Literally no one complained about Overwatch characters being gay or black until they pulled the gay card to deflect from their stuffty business practices being brought to light. "IGNORE THAT GUYS, LOOK! SOLDIER 76 SUCKS rooster!" It's annoying because 1. it's OBVIOUS pandering. 2. That was specifically to brush some underhanded stuff under the rug. And it worked because idiots like you think slamdunking on some internet trolls is gonna make your richard bigger. No one cared that Tracer was gay. I didn't hear anyone saying Doomfist should've been white. I don't know what planet you're on but go forget yourself with these fake ass controversy, it's always like 10 random friends on twitter saying stuff like that and 90% of gamers do not give a forget

Even moreso in Apex Legends. Who loving cared? The most people did was laugh at their stupid attempts to say Bloodhound was nonbinary. Dude is obviously male, and even if he wasn't most people will just make up their minds about it and leave it at that. I still play him. I think nonbinary genders are for genuine retards trying to fit in with trans people but I couldn't give one stuff either way. Gibby boy gay? Okay... and? That's most people's reaction to stuff like that in video games. Oh that character is a friend.... Anyway. And it is forced. It's forced and in your face, and it's annoying but no one cares that much. When people complain about forced diversity they're complaining about the pandering, woke type where you have dipstuffs retroactively making characters gay like its season 3 of Battlestar Galactica and the killer robots are replaced with LGBT activists

New IPs get shat on because people are sick of the bullstuff. We don't trust these dumbforgets to make a woman protagonist and just have her be a woman protagonist. 90% of the minority characters are one dimensional, devoid of anything even remotely resembling personality, and are intentionally made flat so as no to upset the group they're meant to pander to. That's the loving problem. No one cares if there's black people and women in video games, retard. Lara Croft never existed? We just gonna ignore Samus? Where's the chorus of people saying Zelda should've been a dude? Are you high? What is this dumb stuff, do you even consume media
I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and entertain the hypothetical:

ok, say it is pandering, then who cares? what does it matter? If it's like overwatch or apex, the game is still good, the character isn't one dimensional (and if they are, it's not because they are a minority it's literally because the character is one dimensional, if you do think they are all one dimensional because they are a minority, tell me)

then who cares? what difference does it make? why complain? why are you "sick of this stuff"? why not be sick of characters being one dimensional? why aren't you guys complaining when theres stuffty white characters? theres no internet wide outrage for other stuffty games or movies, but when the character is stuffty AND black???? suddenly theres mass downvote campaigns and neckbeards hate them.

It's the reaction I'm looking at there, yeah sure there's still games that get stuff on for being bad games, but not on the scale of people hating games/movies because they have stuffty minority characters.

In fact if you look at the guy Tony linked in the OP, his entire shtick is to do this, he literally puts up a video a day complaining about minorities in video games, I've never seen someone so dedicated to the cause of exclusively doing that and not also review other games that dont have minorities. The dude exclusively does this.

man who the forget is idris elba
heimdall from thor or luther from luther

white people be like "they should hire the person most qualified regardless of race" and get mad when a black person is most qualified

Being a woman automatically disqualifies you from being the lead in a 007 James Bond film

Also good job ignoring how literally everyone was asking for Idris Elba, not this mong-faced bitch, but ofc they have to do all they can to forget with a franchise
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is she gonna seduce men or women?

She's going to emasculate men and flirt with women

She's going to emasculate men and flirt with women
fragile masculinity

ironically Iím willing to bet itís gonna objectify women

ironically Iím willing to bet itís gonna objectify women
thats so hollywood hahahaha

fragile masculinity
> Says anything against manhating
> "Xd 'Fragile Masculinity' haha"

Holy forget God damn it. This dismissive stuff is why no one outside of the circle jerkers in Hollywood likes this stuff. It's preachy and irritating and then when anyone dares to call you on it you just turn around in the most condescending way possible and basically try to smear people for not letting this bullstuff slide.

On the topic of the film. It'll probably be a repeat of captain marvel. It'll be well received but before it comes out the star of the film is going to say some far left, politically charged bullstuff. Social media will erupt. Something something protest. Free press.

My only hope is that some other story overshadows that one and forces these starfishs in Hollywood to rely on actually making a good loving film instead of media manipulation.

If this alone doesn't tell you how this exchange is going to go, then I congratulate you on managing to avoid 90% of media for the last thirty decades