What weapon pack is best for zombies?

Tier Tactical
16 (40%)
18 (45%)
Gravity Cat's Raycast Weapons
6 (15%)

Total Members Voted: 40

Author Topic: Black Ops Zombies Stuff I'm Making [Suggestions Wanted]  (Read 14860 times)

holy tits i want to see that raygun in action

another bump for good measure

Wow this thread is a year old in 9 days. Time flies.

Sorry people. Work is crazy with all the virus stuff. Doing tons of overtime every week and now they're going to make us do even more mandatory overtime D:

bump cuz i dont wanna see this die

very cool, hope jes is still working on this

bump cuz i dont wanna see this die
rise from the grave once more jes

jes brother do not make me direct message you on discord, Your Place to Talk