What weapon pack is best for zombies?

Tier Tactical
6 (42.9%)
7 (50%)
Gravity Cat's Raycast Weapons
1 (7.1%)

Total Members Voted: 14

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do we have confirmation on what the weapon pack of choice will be? sweps seems pretty good but i prefer gcat's special weapons; if sweps does get in, is it possible to swap weapon packs around

I'll probably go with adventure pack for the default save, although if you host with the gamemode you can use any weapons you want. All you have to do to make buyable guns on the wall is spawn the gun on the brick and name the brick how much you want the gun to cost.

PhD Flopper machine brick is done.
Credit to Filipe for these models. I paid for him to make them for me 3 years ago and then I didn't do anything with them. I am having to modify them to make them into bricks.

Also tombstone.

Also electric cherry.

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Really nice, the gamemode will be awesome when it's finished!

Made all the perk bottles.

do perks and pap come with their jingles as well