What weapon pack is best for zombies?

Tier Tactical
16 (39%)
18 (43.9%)
Gravity Cat's Raycast Weapons
7 (17.1%)

Total Members Voted: 41

Author Topic: Black Ops Zombies Stuff I'm Making [Suggestions Wanted]  (Read 18809 times)

What weapon pack should I use for this?

sweps is really annoying to reload since swollow hates intuitivity and forces you to press R and it has strangely realistic models
t+t has nicer models (except for that pump shotgun) and reloads when you need it to but it's not perfect either
honestly it's up to you
you could also go sicko mode and make a new weapon pack but that would just make this needlessly difficult to figure out the tiers it has for everyone involved and would also be a lot of effort and time or maybe use some other obscure weapon pack, there was this weapon pack called hk that had nice models but like 5,000 weapons all prefixed into a gigantic HK: blood clot in the itemlist

No TT please. There is no other weapon pack that became so popular while only having like 8 different functioning guns with a million pointless reskins that change nothing.

GCat's weapons are awful, T+T isn't very good, and HK is only a little better. Sweps is alright, but i'd use adventure pack or something along those lines for this
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gravity cat more like gravity crap, raycasts are bad and ironsights are worse
stop making me type in /fixfov 120 every time i join a damn server

Gravity cats are meh sweps is probably the best option right now unless you redo drendrans black ops 1 pack but those weapons werent very good either.

i used gcat's special weapons, they're similar to gcat's normal raycast weapon pack except theres more variety

adventure pack, T+T or HK would be good in my opinion depending on what kind of guns you want

Actually, I hadn't heard of adventure pack before now but that looks like a very good option. Tier tactical has been done to death in so many gamemodes and its kind of old at this point the weapons aren't classics just the only thing people like using. I think the adventure pack weapons look simple and fit the style well and would have a good place in the game mode.

adventure pack is pretty rad but imo it lacks anything that is an lmg or explosive

First style or second style of badges?

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Second's border wins it for me. You intend on making all those perks too?

You intend on making all those perks too?
I think I'll make double tap(maybe), electric cherry, juggernog, mule kick, PhD flopper, quick revive, stamin-up, and tombstone. I don't really think I can make speed cola because there's not really a way to make weapons load faster without modifying the datablocks.