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A free HL2 mod. Mostly melee combat. In my experience it is better to lead than be led. First hour I just followed orders (although not without the occasional "no" or "damn you" voice command) as a humble viking. We were getting slaughtered from the left by arrows from the knights and keg explosions from the right. My shield was my only friend.
After losing several times I TK'd the leader with a well aimed throwing axe (and I yelled "Ill see you in Valhalla"!) as he was spouting some rubbish about trapping parrots. I quickly got a circular shield wall around our treasure. It was going well until the heavy knights charged us. I yelled "Defend the man to your left!" But we didnt :( ..Anyway, I killed a few people and our survivors restored their armour. We won but I died with 2 seconds to go :( (stupid arrows...)

It has a cool combat system. You click while moving (W is a downwards strike) to attack in a certain direction. You hold it to do a more powerful attack. Right click blocks.

Yeah I tried that a while back.  The combat seemed unbalanced to me, although it was fun for 30 min or so.  Then some nub kept team beserking me.

Its still not a finished mod, but its open beta. Its balanced if you know each teams' weakness. Keep distance from vikings, charge pirates and do perfect parrys on knights.