Author Topic: Latest kidalex ban  (Read 10758 times)

Im honestly completely confused as to why Kidalex even did this along with the list of people.

First of all, people like Conan basically download new addons just to take a look at their code and maybe give some tips to the mod author.

And the list of people honestly doesnt make too much sense like why is Port on there.
im glad i have this reputation cause i literally have never done it before LOL

usually someone asks me to look at their mod or i offer help to an in dev one, i cant remember the last time ive actually looked at released addon code that i wasnt using for reference

maybe i should do this now

can we get an anti-hrt item that sets anyone whose name is transmission friend to their original usernames

u just hate him because he isnt a dinosuar
yeah dinosaurs are leagues better than people

yeah dinosaurs are leagues better than people
silence, dead reptile

I doubt the people on his list were going to use that add-on anyways. lol

pls stop before you hurt his feelings

I've obtained the testosterone shots, everyone huddle up so I can cure you