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Kidalex on his latest alt posted an "hrt item" add-on that in addition to its advertised features, contained code that would change the shapename of certain blockland users to "transmission friend".

The problem is not that the add-on is offensive or that it uses bad words. 

The problems are:
  • The add-on is labeled as an item and but is actually an abuse/vendetta list
  • The add-on undermines base functionality of Blockland (shapename) for no reason other than abuse/vendetta

The trojan horse nature of this add-on is what warrants an immediate ban.  I know you're going to have your silly discord wars, but don't try to recruit other servers into it with back door code. 

the lord badspot has spoken, thank you
also, the item's OP has no signs or mentions of it killing you or anything and if the poster wasn't literally kidalex would've fooled people
it kills you after 5 seconds and makes an autistic noise and a huge chat message

Will this mean you'll change the shapename function

tell us who was on it

tell us who was on it
Pecon, Jia, Remanedur, Port, VerticalHorizon, Geben, Vigil, Zeustal, Papiomike, and me

for WHAT reason am i not on the list
maybe he really is gay

b-but badspot, where am i gonna get my hormones from now?

to be more specific:
29450 = pecon7
9643 = pecon, again
25688 = jia
12643 = remanedur
46342 = port
258 = verticalhorizon
16104 = bugs
48685 = forum
40024 = vigil
9849 = vigil, again
1768 = zeustal
127425 = mayoman/papiomike
these are all based off blid lookup, so things should be fairly accurate

Square Society has ceased underground funding to kidalex, we will be awarding free HRT by request to make up for his trangressions

why the forget is geben on the list

the bitch is scared of me huh
bitches ain’t stuff dog