Author Topic: Cloudflare to remove DDoS protections from 8Chan. | "MEANY WORDS KILL PEOPLE :("  (Read 1537 times)

yeah no big title or format this time.

Basically, 8chan, which is basically diet 4chan. Kind of A mix of Reddit and 4Chan imo.

So basically, because 8chan didn't censor people and nuke them of their platform, they're being punished and pointed to for these shootings. Ironically it's actions like these that cause people to go down the path of these violent actions. Silencing the people, doesn't make their grievances disappear.  All this will do is lock people off from expressing stuffty ideas, getting counter argued, and ultimately bettering both. Instead the person who had a chance at redemption is shoved into a dark pitri dish of their own stuffty ideas, which crop up in small filtered communities in which their ideas become validated.

The only reason to silence ideas, is because you fear they're better than your own. This is an action to show force. Kneel or be destroyed.

Silence or be Silenced.
Cloudflare is another omni-present system that is all around the internet. Many, many sites use it.

But the people's dependence on these monopolies has it's drawbacks, and this is the biggest one. If you piss off the computer gods, if you say a word they don't like, or even if something happens beyond your control and you just happen to not hold their ideals. Boom, the walls fall.

But of course, none of this is really happening.
After all, there is no war in Ba Sing Se.

Matthew do you hear what you’re saying here?

the site is down and 8chan staff is trying to find a way to find a solution, perhaps a replacement for cloudflare.
check the comments at your own peril

I honestly don't understand how your entire post correlates with cloudflare removing ddos protection from cripplechan. Can you try retelling it without the schizophrenia?

imagine caring about a chan or reddit website

Dude kills 26 people and injures 20 and you mad about this ?

You loving bootlickers are happy to ignore technofascism as long as it means you can crack an egg on Matthew's face

Couldn't be me

good, 8chan is wretched

we don't have to worry about being silenced because no one cares about the blf