Author Topic: Valve announces new VR title "Half-Life: Alyx" TRAILER OUT TRAILER OUT  (Read 5224 times)

It's free if you have an index or the controllers, yay! The listing says they are als giving out extra content to early index adopters aswell some for CSGO.
EDIT: This makes me want L4DVR and GModVR now :/.
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I can't believe Odell is back

I hate Wikia images so much
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half life vr taika waititi edition

I bet money that this is just the OG Half Life 2 story rehashed to be earlier.

also there relasing source 2

he's special, leave him alone

i think that one is an actual alien combine grunt

based on the beta designs i think

also there relasing source 2
Supposedly it's just VR stuff and for making levels for Half Life: Alyx, so you still won't be able to make entire games/mods on Source 2 just yet

>half life
aww yea-
aight, bout to head out
same i loving hate vr

my hype is reaching maximum capacity for games being released in the next 6 months