Author Topic: what's the best/your preferred colorset?  (Read 1357 times)

basically /title

I use trueno's but i'm not sure it's what I really want to always use

truenos is garbage so i usually go with squideey's, default, or on rare occasions fivetone

fifty shades of gray default

truenos is hot garbage I use truenos

yo uhm off topic but

what is that shading and "brick texture" I love it
squideey's textures and hata's high shaders if im not mistaken

i originally preferred the Default one, was getting used to default extended till chazpelo made his own colorset and im getting used to that now

truenos is garbage
O B J E C T I V E L Y   I N C O R R E C T

emil's architectural v2

O B J E C T I V E L Y   I N C O R R E C T

you cant even tell the difference between indigo and blue, why should we trust your opinion??

destroyerofblocks' colorset

brickadia's colorset