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Rock was useless.

Bushido used a sword.

Rocks aren't usually used to cross gaps, and how the hell is the sword a girder?

Because if you use it like a bridge, it counts as a girder.

I used nothing that wasn't already there.

You cant use things that are already there, either(I tried that earlier and it counted as a tool apparently)

That is gay. A laser is NOT a tool...

You don't seem to be crossing any gap

Ladios, you can't... Erm... "Grab onto" a lazer. 1. It would kill you. 2. Lazers are not solids. 3. You can't bend a lazer.

what about the lazors you can walk on in HL2?

who put a mine here, thats gay dread

Nice one Minion.

Here is mine, please add text when you see the numbers pop up.

1 Thanks spiderman!

2 Everybody gets one.

There is no tools. :D Unless you count spiderman a tool....

Spiderman's web shooter is a tool. Fail fail.