Author Topic: Any original 2009-2012 players still active on here?  (Read 6399 times)

if you weren't playing in 1776 when america revolted then you are a looser and are banned from my minecraft rp server

its the typical story, yes, but i played on an old account in either late 2012 or early 2013 that was connected to my moms email address. i ended up loving something up somehow so i quit for a while.

I consider myself an OG Blocklander

what's good; i'm technically an '06er but i made my forum account in 2008 and only really started posting regularly here in 2009 or 2010.

I looked in your bio and the name ShadowsfeaR is quite familiar. It all seems so distant in the past.

Ye I worked on a few mods back in the day, mostly gun stuff (Blockombat/stuffty Halo guns/Mass Effect). I helped GSF Ghost a tiny bit too, maybe we were on a few servers together eons ago.

i bought this game yesterday

registered here in 2015 but i've been around since 2011

used to play back in like 2011 with my friend after school, so i guess you could say it was an after school special

i deeply apologise