Who do you think who leaked keys?

Bladerunner/Ceua or something
45 (71.4%)
5 (7.9%)
Brickida users cause they say its ripoff
6 (9.5%)
Braydon/Aka. -blockhead-
4 (6.3%)
Previous Staff member
3 (4.8%)

Total Members Voted: 63

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dont know what to put here

other options aside does anyone here truly believe braydon could do it?

other options aside does anyone here truly believe braydon could do it?
Honestly it makes sense but we almost prepared him by banning him everywhere that got attacked. Sadly he's on steam too

clearly it was kompressor.

let me tell you some therios or some stuff

1. Half of data in pastebin was fake during the big leak
2. Hacker probably wanted attention
3.People were saying that if they joined bladerunner's Mafia madness 3 game they were f'ed
4. It couldn't been Bladerunner/celua because the players and me in the game were not on list except for Bladerunner and other person i dont know
5.People are saying its Brickiadia users because Brickiadia users are saying this is rip off so they just did big key leak
6. People are saying that hacker wanted attention due to the keys not working or just old data back then

No one from brickadia thinks blockland is a rip off that would be so ignorant

Can you stop dragging Brickadia? There's no point in this. The people pointing the blame at Brickadia are trolls.

Maxx admitted to it today on James Freebuild and chill

Im sure someone else snipped it.

What is this? A game show?
"Who do YOU think did it!? Text your answer to-"

If I had to guess Celau probably kissed ass to -Cca- (guy who has been crashing servers forever) until he told him about a remotely interesting exploit and literally couldn't stop himself from blowing his load

celau got hired by brickadia