Author Topic: Anyone just remember an old name and wondered what happened to them?  (Read 18465 times)

I used to load my hotel build on this guy named "undead" server

I haven't seen my hot babe "cuntspanker42069" in 12 years.

Heya, I'm 3 Admin Server 3 (BL_ID 21009), I used to play alot back in the day especially in RP servers. I'm just going through a bit of a nostalgia trip and it's so weird/a bit emotional to see a load of people's usernames mentioned that I can recognise. I doubt many will remember me, but if there are those who do I would love to get back in touch. I cannot name many usernames but some I do remember: Bsc54/Annie (pretty sure they were the same person tbh), Matrix Dude, Undead Knight and Daniel S.

Also if there are any people who knew Bladeboy, I'm still very close friends with him so hit me up if you wanted to talk.

Love ya guys, it was something really special to be apart of this niché community. Maybe see you in another few years.

Most don't know me by my forum alias but my in-game name is Drake. I've gotten back in contact with some old friends over the years, but a few have yet to resurface that I would love to talk to again, including:

  • MeddlePAL

Hello. BLID: 542