Author Topic: Mixer shutting down today.  (Read 383 times)

Mixer is shutting down today and their plans are to move everyone into Facebook Gaming. Microsoft has struggled to compete with the other streaming services, quite a shame.

Microsoft recruited exclusive streamers like Ninja and Shroud with big deals, but they haven’t been enough to get more people using the service over rivals. Ninja, Shroud, and other top streamers are now free to rejoin Twitch or stream on Facebook Gaming.

Did you know that Ninja and Shroud were getting paid between 20$ million to 40$ million a year just to stream on Mixer? Well, now they can move back to Twitch, only richer now.

on the one hand good but on the second foh with facebook

ninja has just successfully played 5d chess

let me guess, "booga booga big corporation"
you guessed right bitch

their mistake was paying ninja so much

Mixer was great for streaming to friends and playing Jackbox. Twitch will never have FTL streaming as good as Mixer and that hurts.

ninja has just successfully played 5d chess
nah my guy he playin 6d chess