Author Topic: geese thread  (Read 43621 times)

Very cute. A little geese oasis in the middle of a arid area.

Following image is not mine but geese army couldnít resist.
Our power grows sheepapocalypse.

VERY nice. I love goose clusters.

People tryna top the geese thread but itís literally impossible sorry folks better pack up and move because geese thread is superior

Can confirm geese thread is superior.

they tryna be us but they cant be us because theyre not geeseposters

Sure, I guess geese are pretty cool, but I don't know that they're the epitome of cool.

don't know that they're the epitome of cool.
A team of geese has been briefed of your opinion. Please be careful.

Look at their cute little tummies!!!

Adorable! I never thought geese dof blur could be so cute!