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They are indeed cute, aren't they.

A team of geese has been briefed of your opinion. Please be careful.

I'm ashamed and embarrassed, I've done research and found out that geese are indeed undeniably the epitomy of cool, it's embarrassing that I didn't know this before and dared to think that they were.. it feels wrong to even say in such a way and I hope I can be forgiven, Just "pretty cool", I was just uninformed but now I know better.
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The geese forgive and forget. They are the very glue that holds us as a universe together.

I'm very thankful for that, they are better geese than me, I am a horrible excuse for a goose, but I will try my best to improve.

Cute geese. Needs more grains than corn but geese feed is geese feed.

they stand on one leg solely because theyre cute

I have very mixed emotions about one leg geese

theyre good at balancing so they do it

urban geese are cute.

Here is proof geese beat US to the moon.

Geese are truly awesome. Does the goose have a name or are these pictures of different geese in the same pose?
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Geese vs car. The geese grow more powerful.
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How can any other animal even compete against geese they’re literally perfect in every way possible