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Thats good? I hope? Might enrich the soil but at the same time if they stuff by the door youll probably step in it.

Geese will soon be upon us

A fine specimen of a goose.

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-sad snippet-

What a sad historical image of the 1989 Goose Square massacre. I thought you were based in china tea? how did your government let you post this.

What a sad historical image of the 1989 Goose Square massacre. I thought you were based in china tea? how did your government let you post this.
Well I'm quite glad you asked. You see back in 2015, I fled Hong Kong and the Chinese government. Winnie couldn't stop me this time, oh no no. My buddy Frankie (pictured below) and I had organized an escape plan over my imported trap phone for quite some time. 3:00am on July 15, 2015 was the time and date we agreed to meet on the shores of Vietnam, there he would take me to Australia on his boat. So on July 13, I began my trip. I was fortunate enough to be given a Jeep by my life long friend and companion, Li. Li and I had been through it all, thick as a thieves. This would be his finale gift to me. I said my finale goodbyes, and I was off.

After two days and much hassle I had made it to the shores of Vietnam. I practically jumped out of the jeep before even stopping completely, and raced to the shore. All of my belongings bouncing against my back. Thats when I noticed. Frankie was no where to be seen. My heart sank as I stood there distraught. My watch begins to beep, I look at the time it's presenting. '3:00am'.  My things drop to the sand below me. Before I am able to loose my mind I hear the distant sound of a boat engine roar. Out comes Frankie flying around the corner behind a massive sunken rock racing towards me. "GET IN!" He exclaims. I quickly grab my things and toss them over my shoulder as I begin to sprint frantically across the beach. Sand kicking up behind me. I toss my belongings into the back of the boat and lunge myself inside. Frankie hits the gas and I almost go flying over the edge. That was it, we were home free. There was nothing that could possibly stop us now. Those were the exact thoughts that were going through my head. Until we passed the Philippines. After hours of silence on the sea, I hear the sounds of multiple boat engines behind us. When I turned around I saw them, a group of pirates were gaining up behind us. "Frankie, who are they?" I shout. Frankie confused turns to look. "Oh forget!" Whilst still driving the boat he reaches over to his left and begins to reach for a case sitting next to him. He then pulls out an m16. I stare at him in complete shock. "Take it man!" He shouts over the waves crashing into us.
I continue to just stare. "Listen its either us or them, take the damn gun!" I reach over and grab the weapon. Just as I begin to turn around the pirates begin to fire. Bullets fly throughout the air towards us. I drop to the floor of the boat as I hear bullets hit clank against the side of the boat and rip through the leather chairs. I muster up the courage to lift myself up and start firing. I fire directly at the closest boat to us. As I do one of the other boats begin to race up right next to ours. I watch as one of the pirates grab a grappling spear and launch it directly into our boat. They start to reel us in. "You've gotta cut the line!!!" Screams Frankie. I look up towards to pirate who's reeling us in. I lift my assault rifle towards him and begin to open fire. My bullets rip through him and send him flying backwards off of his boat, flying into the water. The driver of the boat realizes no one is reeling us in anymore and begins to start turning towards the right. We begin to start tipping on our starboard side as we are pulled. Frankie falls out of his seat almost falling overboard. I quickly look around for something to cut the line with. We're almost completely tipped over when I begin to just shoot the rope with my gun. The rope snaps in two and were sent flying backwards. The boat that was pulling us is sent spinning towards the right crashing straight into the boat directly behind us. The boats collide in one massive explosion. Pirates are sent flying through the air. Smoke and flame fill the water. We sigh to ourselves in relief. Until... the last group of pirates come flying out of the wreckage. Crushing struggling pirates in the water below them as they race towards us. I pull out my gun to fire at them but- *click* *click click* My magazines empty. The boat catches up to us and drives right into the stern of our boat. A pirate jumps aboard knife in hand. I block his swing with my empty m16. I push him back and jab the gun straight into him. He falls back directly into another pirate behind him. The pirate he falls into gets shoved into the motor of our boat, he is immediately sliced into bits and screams as his blood is sent flying into our faces. I wipe the blood from my eyes and before I can stop the first pirate from getting up another one jumps on top of me. He knocks my gun out of my hands and it goes sliding down to the stern. He then continues to slam his fist into my face repeatedly. I lay there half unconscious. Staring at the bastard who's about to end my life. When suddenly- BLAM! I watch as his brains explode in front of me. I looked up to see Frankie holding a pistol. He then tosses it towards me, I stare down at it in my hands and when I do, I hear another gunshot. I then look up to see the window in front of Frankie cracked and covered in blood, Frankie laying face down on the wheel. "FRANKIE!!!" I scream as I stand up and begin firing at the pirates behind us. The pirate on our boat begins to pull out his gun and aim it at me. I shoot his hand and it explodes, his fingers are sent flying in a burst of blood. He screams as he clutches his hand as he begins to run back towards his boat. He leaps off of ours and hits his face on the bow of his boat leaving a massive blood splat. He then is sent flying backwards underneath his boat and is crushed immediately. On the top of the boat behind us one of the pirates jumps down below out of my sight. I use the time to quickly rush over towards Frankie. Before I can reach him I hear something behind me. I then turn around to see the pirate has returned, rocket launcher in hand. "MAMATAY KA BASTARD!!!!" He screams. As he screams at me I point my pistol towards the driver of their boat, and fire. I shoot the driver straight in the head, the window in front of them shatters. Their body collapses to the floor as the boat turns uncontrollably. The Pirate with the rocket launcher is shaken about. They accidentally fire directly at the ground below them. I watch as they erupt into a massive ball of fire as the entire top of their boat explodes. Pirates again are sent flying into the ocean, and are left scrambling to flee the burning ship. Our boat races away as they are left behind. I quickly turn towards Frankie. I grab him and lift him off of the steering wheel. I take his foot off of the gas. He's dead.

Much time later I finally make it to Australia. I give Frankie a proper burial in the woods close to the shore.

And that is my story >:3 I've been living on a farm in Australia ever since.

                'Frankie Von Frankenstein'
                         1978 - 2015
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still dont have a date on when this guys about to bust

You, me, surrounded by geese.

A goose waddles up to us...

       "A glass of our finest sir"

He places the 7,000 dollar bottle of wine onto the table

"Been sitting in the cellar since the civil war. 1863 to be exact."

"1863?!" I shout at the goose

"Are you loving kidding me?! No sooner than 61 you bird brained buffoon!"

I smash the bottle of wine against the gooses head

I turn back towards you.

Sorry. Where were we?"

(So thats my totally awesome date plan, do you accept????????) O_o