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Now that I have a new job with a significant payraise I'm gonna save up and build my credit and try and finance a dodge challenger 392 scatpack this next spring. Thank god spring is tax time I should be seeing a bonus 2-3k in returns which will go towards downpayment. I plan on paying 25-30% down so I can do a 60-72 month term on my the cars payments for pretty cheap, like 350-450 a month or so. Not sure if I want to buy brand new or just get a 2017 or something, the 2018-2019's have not depreciated much at all even with 10k+ miles on them.

2016's are significantly cheaper, around 30-35k, but this is before the scatpacks started getting the rumblebee logo and I want that god damn bee logo not the BS 392hemi logo lol.

Does anyone know what the requirements for cosigners are? All of my buddies needed cosigners on their cars, but they don't have credit at all. I assume I wouldn't need a cosign if I have an actual credit score that's 650+? I assume if you have a score that's decent you won't need one, but I'm worried that my credit history not being very long/extensive will complicate things. However I know income is part of the equation, and again I'm going to be paying 13k+ down on a car that's 30-45k or so (on the low end if I buy used).
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Maybe this will help? I didn't use a co-signer for mine because I didn't have anyone close enough to be able to co-sign me.

Maybe this will help? I didn't use a co-signer for mine because I didn't have anyone close enough to be able to co-sign me.
After reading this I found that I make more than the required monthly income estimate by a large margin for loans, so IDK. I think if I just get a credit card and use it to fill a tank of gas and pay it immediately off for like 6 months, I should be able to get a score reasonable enough to finance without a cosigner.

Plus I'm gonna be doing a lot more than 10% down, instead of 4k I'll do 10k+, and more "skin in the game" should pretty much guarantee I can finance the car. Paying that much monthly will reduce monthly payments by a lot for obvious reasons, plus other than groceries here and there I don't have the financial burden of rent or anything. I live in a 1 bedroom with my dad at the moment, and just sleep in the living room, and my dad's only real expectation fiscally is I buy groceries every now and then, which is probably 200 a month tops.

Thanks for the article btw, I can say with confidence that this next spring I most certainly shouldn't need a cosigner. If I do get the scatpack of my dreams, I'll post pictures here for sure

Whatever trim you end up getting make sure its got a 6 speed.

Scanned 4 Polaroid.

It looks even sleeker on polaroid

Whatever trim you end up getting make sure its got a 6 speed.

Why? The 8 speed automatic in the challengers is actually a great transmission, geared for performance

*******Vapes ** * ******loudly *********

*******Vapes ** * ******loudly *********
[img width=750][/imgg]
[img width=750][/imgg]
Sheeeesh, how many engines you been through?

Sheeeesh, how many engines you been through?
Head Gaskets have left the chat

Hahaha I have to drop my transmission because my rear main seal is leaking, guess I'll fix it when I'm back home again.

still got the 5spd civic and instead of buying an m3 i uhh bought 2 more motorcycles and im hoping to add another before winter

whatever car i get next will focus on handling-- my street triple R is fast enough for me in the acceleration department, and i'll never be able to whip it like an s2000, miata, gt86, etc. although i've still been lusting after a e46m, 370z, f82/f22 or e85/e89

Remus slip-on CF exhaust
Intake modification
Custom tune using my phone and TuneECU lol
Evotech tail tidy
Evotech blanking plates (photos taken before installation)
OEM comfort seat
OEM flyscreen
OEM bar-end mirrors
OEM CNC brake fluid reservoir
short-throw dipstick

may be missing a couple minor things, weighs under 400# ready to ride. put around 3000 miles on it since purchasing in late march

SF Grom that i bought and rode home in the rain last october, got it for a great deal ($2000; many sell for +3k with similar stuff-mods around here). This photo was taken the day after, looks quite a bit different now. wheeled it into my living room and worked on it over the winter. forgot all the mods off the top of my head but this winter im gonna slap a cam in it (hard mod to pass up for sixty bucks). put 600+ miles on it

at the start of summer several friends and i spent four days touring the upper peninsula. my phone broke before we even reached the bridge so i ripped this photo off one of their fb pages. in order from left to right:

- 2008 victory vegas (wouldn't mind owning one of these at all)
- some street glide, idk anything about harleys save for sportsters but i think it was an 88ci with almost five digits dumped into performance mods. couldn't even beat my hawk from a roll
- 2006 honda VTX 1800
- 2003 yamaha XV 1700 warrior
- 1997 honda nighthawk 750. planning on selling it soon, i've put a good 2100 miles on it this year but between the grom and the striple i rarely find myself wanting to ride it
- 2018 yamaha star venture. basically a car with 2 wheels

sheesh, how many HPFPs have you been through?

The grom is sick. Love seeing groms on the road.

tfw my chevy aveo needs new shocks / struts all around and the front suspension to be p much entirely rebuilt, cus it wallows in the corners / wanders badly on the road and especially highway, and makes rattly noises over bumps

too bad am br0ke, hope it lasts a lil longer 'til can afford it