Author Topic: things you regret doing on blockland  (Read 9746 times)

theres many servers that arent temporary and have logs dating back to 5 years ago already. though if you are able to join the server on the same account again, you can put in the effort to go back in the logs and delete old posts at least
this is assuming discord doesnt just start deleting old logs randomly one day

larger servers often recycle their channels to avoid getting a TOS strike from people reporting 3 year old posts

>being mentioned in icygamma's autobiography 7 times.

Hahaha, what a loving trip.

Me? CoolSwain/CasualMen. What the forget was I thinking.

Switching computers and somehow losing the Titanfall Pack addon that I can't find anywhere now.

Hahaha, what a loving trip.

yeah icygamma has been the butt of my modern blockland jokes. in fact when i met swholli, we talked about it over pasta.

however, he was pretty groundbreaking. i kinda wish all of the old podcasts are still up but they're gone...and all we have is this DAMN biography. at first i was like uhhh okay but now it's like lmao why did he make it. i didn't really care about him mentioning me, but the whole thing was pretty bad ngl.

turning sugar into a spotlight making her a target for harassment and her end up becoming an almost diet-chrischan

Forgetting about the game and not bothering to save some old builds from years ago

as far as this game & the community goes, both a lack of getting involved w/ servers that other people had fond memories with and a lack of pushing forward with any of my own projects as well. prob coulda had some cool experiences. ig this kinda applies to dipping out of mid-ish Mini Empires (like around 2013 - 2017), mostly the one with the big scifi session cuz that stuff has SO much history to it and basically none of it is documented. the people actually involved would probably say otherwise, tho, and yea i figure they're wise to say that. but it still just looks cool to me. it's all just unfamiliar cuz i wasn't around for so much of it.

also that damn VTOL contest

Spending alot of my playtime on videogame RP servers

Being toxic and being an ass towards everyone

had a meltdown and got my original key revoked via forum suicide

Turning off the in game swear filter.

this one time a few years ago where i made a joke application on someone's clan thread which made him extremely upset

probably everything before 2017.