Author Topic: what's the biggest L you've taken in your gaming history  (Read 1880 times)

one time i got a strange revolver in tf2 and the same day someone challenged me to a demoknight duel for it and i instantly lost without inflicting a single point of damage

once i was liberating a stronghold in heat signature and once i got to the pilot i launched out of a window, problem was ship was at max game speed so my ship was literally unable to get to me and i also was right next to the ship the whole time so i lost my character which (iirc) had a multiball and pretty maxed out inv

back in the day i got scammed out of all my furni in habbo

got my first ever account on anything (roblox) terminated

back in the day i got scammed out of all my furni in habbo
god dammit this is what i was going to say. my 8 year old self decided to give away all my account info to a scam site. never played it since :(

got scammed out of my first and most valuable roblox account

i didn't lose my roblox account fully but i lost all my limiteds that i'd collected pre-trading to a phisher; thought fortress, ice skull of nevermoor, orient hats, supa fly cap, all my books and easter eggs, eyes, the list goes on

Damn man that's a fat L sorry to hear that
honestly I don't know, I got like, all my items stolen from me in TF2 but that was about maybe 5-10 dollars worth at the time. it was more the sentimental value, first hat, first strange, my old tf2 loadout, etc.

also I forgot the password to an old account on roblox, RobberMan23. can't even search it up, as Robber comes up as censored, but there wasn't much of anything on there. also my main is older so that's poggers (2009)

giving a friend my club penguin account only to get it banned and try to use hacks with it years ago

and most recently i found out my old roblox account got hacked by MAGA bots apparently, thankfully i got my account back and nothing of value was lost

imagine stealing roblox accounts lol

imagine stealing roblox accounts lol
no need to make fun of celau

they stole my habbo hotel furniture

i was playing minecraft once and i recently got to the nether, was fighting a ghast, forgeta fired a fireball and missed, but i didn't notice it broke into a lava reservoir, anyways i stepped right into lava and lost basically everything lamof

traded 8k robux worth of limiteds for a classic fedora

still waiting on it

In the year 2006 I was scammed out of my green h'ween mask on Runescape by a user named Ghettobird24. He convinced me the gnome scarf is worth more. Today the green h'ween mask is worth almost 800m. forget you Ghettobird24.