Author Topic: cHeEsEpIzZa2 DESPERATELY wants you to think he knows what he's talking about  (Read 4452 times)

Privating his profile did nothing

Privating his profile did nothing
yah sadly the internet is one of those things where, if you forget up, you cant un-forget up

yeah guys let's show our dislike for cheesepizza by posting an archive of his public information after he was told to take it down, that'll teach him for being 14 years old

what loving retard posts his name on his steam profile LMAO

cheese pizza likes big fat balls like freaking humongous balls exquisite in his opinion he probably has liked richard since he was born since he was put into his mom because he came out of a richard and into a pusillanimous individual and came out loving richards because that's where he was at first it's honestly amazing how much richard cheese pizza likes it's literally insane if you put all the roosters in the world next to each other it wouldn't be enough for cheesepizza that's how much he loves rooster he likes rooster so much that he put it in his steam description it says "i like balls" that's on his steam profile lol what a ball sucker noob trust me it is and it's literally insane just like everything that caused the great depression and from that did you know that ww2 was caused only becaused the us population put the wrong person into office teddy roosevelt would have entered the first world war far earlier than whatever you actually elected because the reason ww2 even started was because the german population suffered so much from the prolonged war and crashed the german economy and left the germans feeling betrayed by their government and as if their country lost all of its pride after such a great failure whoever you actually elected didn't want to enter the war because he was such a giant pusillanimous individual teddy wanted to join from the beginning to assist france and her entente against germany which would have caused a much faster victory for the entente and the damage against germany would have been minimal compared to what it actually was thus the national socialist german workers party could not have gotten so much of the german population to vote for them because they used the damage to the civilian population as a reason for them to be elected as if they were gonna bring back the pride and repair germany this never would have happened and germans never would have neglected communism and democracy so much so it's possible that the germans could have elected instead a democratic party or even a communist one (which is horrible forget communism communism loving sucks major balls) while we're on the topic of communism, communism was way worse than fascism in the first 100 years of it's existence over 100 million people died because of it in mao's china alone not including the soviet union, lenin caused civil war in russia between nationalist russians, bolsheviks and democratic russians which did a huge amount of damage to the entirety of european russia when the bolsheviks won they immediately started an offensive war against poland ukraine and several others poland managed to fight off the communists but ukraine was annexed and what followed was a huge starvation of the ukranian people caused by the communists which caused a huge amount of empty villages and towns which the bolsheviks filled with russians later the bolsheviks would annex the baltic states and split poland with the third german reich and killed a load of religious minorities within the baltic states and poland speaking of horrible things communists did, china was in a civil war between nationalists democratic chinese and the communists whilst they did put their conflict aside to fight the japanese they still continued it after the second world war and managed to kill over 100 million people as mentioned before and the communists win and exiled the democratic chinese government to taiwan communism sucks balls and you know who else sucks balls? cheese pizza he sucked so many balls you'd have to invent a new name for the number of balls he had sucked and he's only 14 and he sucked so many balls jesus christ also he's gay and not a catholic lol gay? he should just stop sucking balls honestly it's ruining his life he's sucked so many balls that it's still not enough for him think about that he still wants to suck balls after so much ball sucking? he is insane crazy and very very fat listen to that. he is a fat fatty fat bitchy fat hoe he should stop being fat and get out of his fat guy chair and exercise lol fat bitch keep on sucking balls it's ruining your life lol noob sucks balls keep sucking balls noob you like those big fat balls you fat bitch? keep on sucking balls lol you like balls bro ok cheese i'm gonna level with you, you can keep on sucking balls but stop sucking balls in front of everyone on the forums stop sucking balls you fat bitch you're so fat and suck so many balls lol  :cookie:  keep on sucking balls bro just keep on doing that because that's the only thing you're good at keep on sucking balls fatty fat your shirt isn't big enough for you sorry bro no size bigger than XLLLL bro lol you have to order from loving kenya because nobody will want to make anything for someone like you because they want you to become thinner so you could wear a normal sized shirt you stupid ass bitch lose some weight lol but keep on sucking balls the boys up in canada love that ball sucker noob

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