Author Topic: cHeEsEpIzZa2 DESPERATELY wants you to think he knows what he's talking about  (Read 4509 times)
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it seems "cHeEsEpIzZa2"has learned a lot from arguing with blocklanders about politics he knows nothing about and is now branching out to other subjects... but as a licensed professional, i cant help but see these posts as a cry for help.

The Embarrassing

yah this would be epic

also spotters if we get hitscan rifles
retards complaining when someone suggests a realistic way to add skill to sniper, because then they can't point-and-click adventure to first place

adding skill to hitscan snipers by not adding anything to complicate the process and instead letting people just click to win
You must have never used this pack or your brain is missing
haven't actually used it yet, i have not played much blockland in the past month. i'm just giving suggestions based off my previous experience with other weapons
hmm everyone in this thread talking about realism and game balance in this thread? (only active thread in modification help) better offer my two cents... *pushes up glasses* Snipers in real life have spotters so if you add spotters you can balance the hitscan snipers (there are no hitscan snipers)

??? if anything, you would be the redditor for bootlicking china
... ???

so? 9/11 wasn't bad because it killed a lot of people (it didn't), it was bad because it caused huge damage to nearby buildings, destroyed a landmark, and killed completely innocent people just... randomly. on a traditional warfront, you know a soldier is probably going to die. he might accomplish great deeds for the country, but he probably will die. but in 9/11, random people, with no warning or reason, died. when you think about it, all the damage of 9/11 was caused by 2 people. imagine if CIA had an army of even just 100 on planes. THAT is why 9/11 was so bad.
This is one hell of a hottake. Property can be rebuilt. 9/11 was traumatic because it presented a level of vulnerability the American public hadn't felt before. Before 9/11 the proverbial bad guys were always "over there" and abstract in the minds of the U.S. people. 9/11 exploited vulnerabilities in domestic infrastructure to attack domestically, causing the eyes of the public to swivel from foreign battlefields to paranoia about its own soil and security, a massive change from the way such things had been addressed previously.
Covid is the same thing. These aren't "America" problems. Deadly diseases wiping out huge swaths of a population was, to the public, something that happened in poverty. It was a "China" issue, or an "Africa" issue. We were dissociated to the point that people have been pointing out or vulnerability to mass pandemics for years and there was no major update to our system of response.
(averageguy unleashes the ownage on cheesepizza)
yah yah that's what i was trying to say
backpedalers this is your mindset

honestly do people even play anything past 1.12.2 if they can help it, i mean it's trash now that they completely revamped literally the entire texture pack to look like stuff.
It looks nearly identical as far as i can see
seriously? literally every item looks like it was from a chinese ripoff called "blockcraft" or something. i legit cant find a single item or block that doesn't look noticeably different
"I haven't played Minecraft in 3 years. I want to validate my abandonment of that game (to nobody but himself) in this thread." (nobody asked)

(click to enlarge)

he is also unable to pick up on jokes
aha ha ha.. this game is not made for little kids like you.. go play with your toys little boy ha ha ha...
(^ joke)
>lego game marketted to children
>"ahaha kids stinky!!!"
doesn't change the facr op posted soft research in a lego game for kids
i am the op you loving idiot
upon owning him hardcore, he immediately started backpedaling (again) and tried to crack some jokes of his own (they are not funny)

the next person to post slurps down bloody, steamy donkey stuffs on the daily
[i mg width=750][/img]

literally everyone who buys this
(pic he thought was really funny upon browsing steams artwork hub for 15 minutes (embarrassing) )

The Sad

now normally if someone like this got banned and i didnt have to see his posts anymore, i would laugh my ass off because he's loving annoying... but upon further investigation i can no longer believe such a thing. you see, if he gets banned he will literally have nowhere else to go.
in an attempt to scope out what other kinds of games he plays, i got stopped because his games are private... but he was confident enough to leave public reviews for a handful of games, and i was blown away by what i saw.
What you read WILL shock you.
a quote from his SCP Secret Laboratory Steam review:
...I have never, not once in my life, came across a game more toxic, more boring, and more unbalanced than SCP: Secret Laboratory. I would rather play CityRPG on Blockland than sludge through this clearly unbalanced game...
a very interesting brown townogy to make especially when you claim the game is dead as forget in your...
Onset Steam review:
game is completely and irreversibly dead. blockland, a 15 year old lego game, gets around 15-20 players in the prime time of the day. this gets about 2. (archived in case he privates his stuff because i invaded his privacy for the sake of investigative journalism)

and if we're on the topic of steam...
19 friends? total? i feel bad for you son...

so now i present to you my hypothesis.. cheesepizza (similar to fuzztoast) is only acting this way because he has no friends to talk to and gets zero pusillanimous individual
go on then, stop using discord
i basically don't use it already, i probably have less than 5 minutes in it per day
so please, someone PLEASE befriend this man so he becomes normal and shuts the forget up
his steam is here so if you want to lend a helping hand send him a friend request

this thread brought to you by

DAYUUM yet another fire production. This thread rules. /support

this completely. i have both adhd and aspergers and i can assure you people with autism are extremely gullible.

really do hope that's not his actual full name and location

and then the polar bear said, "pass the radio!"

he has a point about snipers

really do hope that's not his actual full name and location
That has the potential to be very problematic if it really is.

fairly certain he desperately wants to be your friend too

he posted which private school he went to once on here iirc so im p sure hes not that smart (since smart people wouldnt dox themselves). it was a florida school so the steam profile stuff is probably true.

he posted which private school he went to once on here iirc so im p sure hes not that smart (since smart people wouldnt dox themselves). it was a florida school so the steam profile stuff is probably true.
wait stuff what when

i definitely would not have done this in the past 2 years what the forget