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So I'm trying to make it so you can just continue where you left off on my server, with your inventory, your location, literally what persistence does in a nutshell. But running slayer with it then you get a conflict, the minigame overrides your inventory, I don't really care about the position part as much you can just do that with spawns, but the main issue is inventory, you can't continue where you left off if slayer is gonna keep changing your items. Is there any solution?

reorder the packages so slayers spawning runs before persistence loading. incidentally that will also fix the spawning issue if done correctly
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reorder the packages
I'm not exactly sure how to do that with a base server, that sounds like something you do with a packaged gamemode if I'm not mistaken?

can also do with a custom script, since both slayer and player persistence are old commonly used mods that are unlikely to be changed anytime soon

You could use the save and load items events and place 'save/load' buttons at each spawn respectively. It's not exactly the best solution, but it works.