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Post your desktop, computer, phone, battlestation, kitchenstation... stuff, whatever you feel like!

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~reserved for the greatest hits~

damn deus ex and i both got purple setups

FT. my rat ❤️

my wallpaper also is more magenta/purple than it looks blame the angle and stuffty iOS camera
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also the ceiling lights are normally way dimmer but i needed some form of brightness for a pic

Anyone else got relaxing TV setup?

This is The Most Interesting thing you will see All Day

behold: a desk:

captured moments before i play a videogame after getting home, dont mind the Gamer Fuel. I didnt mean to brag so blatantly about being Gamer ;)

college dorm setup that isn't too permanent. i have a desktop PC on the right (not shown) and i can switch my keyboard/mouse input to it with the little USB box to the right of the monitor, but i don't really use the desktop all too much these days

my dumb little NAS setup that i use for backups. i have a case for the raspberry pi coming in today so it'll look a lot better soon. 16 TB of raw storage in raidz2, with 10 TB usable. the raspberry pi monitors the zpool and lets me know in real time if there's any errors. it also keeps track of my backups and sorts them into different folders as necessary. the harddrive enclosure doesn't support ethernet out so it isn't a true 100% super awesome homelab setup but it was the cheapest enclosure i could find with this many drives so oh well. its USB 3 out which is giving me some challenges -- i have yet to find a USB 3 switch that i can use in order to connect both the raspberry pi and laptop at the same time

all the ricing i've done so far. got a really nice setup where i can do most of everything i want with a few keystrokes. a lot of my programming projects recently have actually been making my computer easier for me to use. really loving linux and the amount of freedom it gives me to make my workflow whatever i want
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yeah! i also kin them :')
at least ur not a yasuo main phew