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Here's one.

Grand Theft Auto V is as old this year, as Ocarina of Time was in 2006.

EDIT: ya know what else is loving old? The god damn "Lamar Roasts" meme. This stuff is overdone and I'm tired of people spamming this stuff over discord.
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ive been playing WoW since i was 5

im 21 1/2

also spongebob (as in the show as a whole not the character) is 3 months older than me

plants vs zombies is over ten years old

the earth is 2021 years old. wow.

2014, a year i remember vividly, was 7 years ago

original roblox account turns 10

bionicle g1 was discontinued 11 years ago

been nine years since bl was greenlit

original roblox account turns 10
mine recently turned 10 and its funny to see people call my account old when im just like "go look at the 2008 people"

From 13-16 I used to pretend I was 17 years old online for some reason, then I started pretending I was 27 years old in whatever circle I was in.
I turn 24 this year.
I had no appreciation for my youth until it was gone, but everyone experiences that I guess. Oh well.
Also I started playing Roblox in like October of 2008 so that's a trip.

Anyway, keep your kids off the internet
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the world was meant to end almost 9 years ago

The movie Iron Man came out over a decade ago.