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Here's a city build that i've been working on for a while. Or well, it's more of a weird hybrid between a build and a static map, considering that I used some dts brick system I found here to make buildings/props/etc into single bricks. This build also uses a massive print pack I made with textures from various games, like the 3d-era GTA games.

This is the city of Corryton. A friend and I began building it way back in 2018 originally, and I've added to it on and off through the years. With all the free time I have thanks to the lockdown, I've been adding to it for the hell of it. The city is planned to feature everything you could ever want in a city, like a mall, stadium, Six Flags theme park, multiple hotels, various freeways, a monorail, an airport, convention center, a countryside area with various small towns and farms, state/national park, and the list just goes on and on. I'll be adding more pictures soon because there's some more stuff that I've built that I didn't have screenshots of/or have added since i've made the thread.

Facing toward downtown and the freeway inspired by San Francisco's old Embarcadero Freeway.

City park WIP

Facing down boulevard in tourism/entertainment district. For now it's simply known as "The boulevard", although i've considered naming it stuff like International Boulevard, naming it after Louis Armstrong, or just simply calling it Corryton Boulevard.


Sculpture of the city skyline that a friend and I built in the WIP Six Flags theme park, which I'm planning to build functional rides for, as well as a bowling alley, and a water park adjacent to it.

Some random houses I built (This is an old picture, this neighborhood was deleted to make way for a freeway interchange and the houses were moved)

I've also borrowed some stuff from here (Damien's add-on/save/etc dump). There was a save of the old Jeep Server HQ which I found and I've been rebuilding it into a hotel. There currently isn't much built inside besides a few rooms.

I've barely touched the exterior so far. I don't really know what I'm going to do out there just yet.

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very cool and interesting

is this being hosted?

very cool and interesting

is this being hosted?
i usually host it almost every day whenever i'm in the mood to do so.

Added some buildings around the park.