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If you don't speak another language, you are gated to other bands and songs unless you somehow stumble upon one. like me. Paste good music from languages that aren't English.




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There's a folk metal band called Tyr that has a bunch of slamming songs in Faroese. If you guys want I can give a few that are good.

have a song in three languages all at once
german, russian, and english

here's some other ones in my playlist

italian pop:
serbian 80s rock:
ukrainian anti-war:
ukrainian video game OST: (you'll know this if you finished stalker call of pripyat)
german industrial metal:
swedish pop rock:

there's probably a few more but my playlist is too big to cypher thru all this stuff
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german industrial metal:

I was expecting the obvious German rock band. Nice surprise
Jewish metal hits different
I bet they blast this on stereo while comitting war crimes in Palestine

Also city pop and future funk slap

echte vlaming uurtjes
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I was expecting the obvious German rock band. Nice surprise
Oomph is the grandfather of Neue Deutsche Haarte. Older than Rammstein and an obvious influence on their earlier albums.
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