Author Topic: still finding blockland users around the net  (Read 15994 times)

CRITAWAKETS is a player and contributor for tg-station, but isnt particularly good at it. noticing comments of him on the upstream github! skyrat downstream says hello ;>

seems like nothing much has changed! but maybe thats just the tg-station atmosphere. hey! muzzle breathmask arent special interest content, the furry downstream is just more popular 0:
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I found Heckington in a Sven Coop discord community. That's about it.

why is everyone on blockland/brickadia suddenly playing ss13

phflack can be encountered on stack exchange quite often

this reminds me that i found out Maxx was the one that leaked the tf2 source code

God im glad I meet none of you degenerates outside of these forums

God im glad I meet none of you degenerates outside of these forums

this u?

im sure i unintentionally found someone that came from blockland outside of the forums, if i see a familiar name though, im staying away from them, far away

oh right, Wehrmacht/Quadilious is an avid Tarkov player and I actually got into a couple skirmishes with him by random while playing. He's friends with a popular Tarkov streamer too named Dotty.Hack

i miss wehrmacht... cool guy

a few months ago i played a csgo comp match, and someone on the other team had a blockhead avatar. i didn't recognize their name but it was a strange thing to see nonetheless

i once randomly encountered gr8dayseth in a tf2 game

skyrat is a terrible server and you should be ashamed for acting like an ambassador of it

brb using a bomb in dorms

Vorestation is where it's at