Author Topic: Should you release your private addons??  (Read 5263 times)

No, T90 better. irl and in blockland. in fact, stratofortress m1 Abrams is better.
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Mine are all in W.I.P for the record. I intend to release them all when they're finished.

Yea yea thats what they all say, just hand over the mods and no one gets hurt yea?

private add-ons will come out when bl source code comes out

basically never or not now
Holy moly, a reminder that source code is not released. That hits hard. Now that I actually think about it, a lot of opportunities could be opened if it was. Tough world.
Yes I know Iím late to the party.

you can remove the tbd server config thats just my eval and stuff like that.
add Gamemode_King's_Quest to the end of gamemode.txt
all the other ones are on kenko archive

this concludes any and all support for this unfinished mod lol
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I for one belive that badspot and the greater blockland community should embrace Add-on communism. Private add-ons must be taken away from the hands of the Moddereoisie and redistributed to the Playeretariat.

if i had time to put it all together sure

i have a lot of weird addons

if i had time to put it all together sure

i have a lot of weird addons
I think the general idea is to just not let private stuff die in the end.