Author Topic: post awesome epic guitar riffs/solos  (Read 2591 times)

Janelle Monae - Cold War
Janelle Monae - Mushrooms and Roses (tbh the entire song has some really loving awesome guitar going on)
Cuco - Sunnyside (audial ecstasy)
GUM - Notorious Gold (GUM is honestly a musical genius)
GUM - Science Fiction (this drop is loving insane)

Getsix - Chasing the Dragon (heavily EDM but still a banger)

post ur rock out songs

muse's hysteria and reapers but anything muse is based TBH
james supercave- burn
reel big fish- beer (yes its ska)
kaveret- baruchs boots and yo ya
radiohead- just and man of war

Probably my favorite solo of all time.

Skip to 3:06.

based relentless mutation tito pfp wtf