Author Topic: Multiple sided printable ModTer bricks  (Read 1059 times)

This sounds bizarre but I swear I saw something like this before so I know for certain its possible.

I want a modified version of ModTer (Excluding ramps obviously, this only applies for cubes but does apply to wedges) that allows me to be able to put prints individually on every face of the bricks, so I can replace the texture at the top and keep a consistency on the sides, this would help a lot with cliffsides without needing to put flat 8x bricks to cover the surface with grass or some other kind of ground texture.

In case I'm not making sense for some, take this brick here as an example, the A at the top of the brick I'd wanna be allowed to change to something else while keeping the side with that A.

dicecube print bricks exist, on addon archive