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post/talk about games you have been playing recently or plan on playing soon

i have finished playing yakuza 0 like a week ago and now im planning on starting yakuza kiwami soon, but right now im about to finish strife: veteran edition

Outer Wilds. Play it before you die, it's the best game out there.

Garry's Mod (Mostly TTT), and some VR stuff like; H3VR, Blade & Sorcery, Beat Saber, and VRChat. I've been trying to get into TF2 recently too, but I usually just try to play whatever my friends are playing.

Cold War Zombies and Skyrim. I try to get back into minecraft but i loving hate putting like 30 hours of effort into building and doing stuff and just dying 50 times because OF loving PIGLIN BRUTES. I might get back into Wizard101 again.

battlefield 3 multiplayer

Got all veged out to long ago, but just bought ideology dlc and the new 1.3 update has been magnificent. Truly a masterpiece of a game.

Haven & Hearth with my brother, messing around with EVE a bit and some OSRS but I canceled my sub because H&H was holding my interest more.

Besides that I play CSGO and sometimes Tarkov but my PC sucks so I gotta wait until I upgrade it.
And a mix of some other FPS single player games I keep trying to play but never actually make it through

tf2 class wars - a fun twist to tf2, especially when the matchup is good

epic battle fantasy 5 - quirky jrpg-ish

super crazy guitar maniac deluxe 4 - hard rhythm game

that's pretty much all i've played in the past few months
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death's door is really good. frustrating sometimes though
edit: actually it's really loving frustrating just give me more god damn health PLEASE god
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i dumped almost 700 hours in eu4, 100+ into btd6, been playing slay the spire again, did the origins easter egg in bo2 zombies, trying to wrap my head around cities skylines and every now and then i go back to l4d2 for a campaign or two

huniepop 2, csgo and touhou luna nights

i dont really play games that much anymore but whenever i start a new kenshi play through it's my full time job for a week