Author Topic: I always wanted to make my own block building game  (Read 2020 times)

Continued wish-list:
  • flying through various means: jetpack, gliders, mini-planes, planes, hot-air balloons, flying carpet, other wacky, out(Block)landish means
    • include following aircraft options with for all types of aircraft classic fuels and electric options:
      • planes: RC remote controlled planes, mini 1 person planes, private/business jet, full-size passenger and cargo planes, large passenger and cargo planes
      • helicopters: RC remote controlled helicopters, mini 1 person helicopters, passenger and cargo helicopters
      • VTOLs: applicable variety of sizes and options
      • drones: applicable variety of sizes and options
  • autopilot for aircraft with pre-planned routes, programmable routes and behaviour and automated airport control towers
  • airports and helipads
  • space:
    • space launch sites and spaceports
    • variety of spacecraft including:
      • fully reusable rockets
      • spaceplanes
      • Moon rocket
      • probes (e.g. Voyager probes)
      • mission to Mars and other planets transport craft options with ion and plasma drive (e.g. VASIMR and Neptune plasma thruster) options, configurable player defined (including reaction-less thrust and infinite energy finite power) thrust and energy sources but also solar panels and optional nuclear fission, fusion or antimatter reactor options
    • satellites, satellite constellations, space stations, rotating space stations, huge telescopes (e.g. Hypertelescope by Antoine Labeyrie), rotating habitats (O'Neill cylinder) and other space structures
    • electrodynamic tethering e.g. satellite and space station orbit keeping and thruster
    • solar and magnetic sail thruster solutions
    • autopilot solutions for spacecraft with programmable, autonomous navigation
    • space travel:
      • to orbit
      • interplanetary
      • landing, exploring, building and launching from other planets and bodies
      • going into deep space and to other stars (interstellar)
      • landing, exploring, building and launching from other planets around other stars (exoplanets or extrasolar planets) and free-floating deep space planets and bodies

Explorer what you really want is one line

Itís not a space or flying sim so they wonít add it all the the default game, but if they Actually Added Modding support it could be made for you.