Which game should I choose?

Lord of the Rings Online
3 (14.3%)
Eve Online
5 (23.8%)
City of Heroes/Villains
3 (14.3%)
Tabula Rasa (new)
1 (4.8%)
Other (please specify)
9 (42.9%)

Total Members Voted: 0

Voting closed: April 01, 2008, 12:39:15 AM

Author Topic: Which pay-to-play MMORPG should I play?  (Read 3882 times)

I'd pay for Planetside if I were allowed to.

Where can I get the Planetside demo?

City of Heroes
different to other mmorpg's
nice community
flying around a city, Awesome.

different to other mmorpg's
nice community
flying around a city, blowing everything to bits, Awesome.

Planetside is a great game, but you can't Lone-Wolf in it without dying terribly often. I used to play it with my brother, who would sit beside me with his laptop, and we'd pilot a tank. I'd drive and he'd shoot, hover tanks were awesome. If you have a friend or friends that are willing to play with you, then it becomes a real blast. The fights are intense and exhilerating, but it gets tiresome very wuickly when you realise you need to kill something like 1000 other players to get your next License Level. I'd say 2-months is as much time as you should spend on it.

WoW, well, you know what it is. 2-3 months also for this one

EVE is special, it's not very friendly to newbies. If you know what you're doing, i.e. read up some tips and ways to get by in this game, then go for it. If you don't feel like working to have fun in a game, then this is not for you.

City of heroes is another one of those 2 months tops games.

Tabula Rasa is WoW in the future, get WoW instead. Same with Lord of the Rings.
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Which pay-to-play MMORPG should I play?

I cant believe ya'll dont play runescape...how sad

Because it's a pile of steaming crap. Now STFU and GTFO.

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We all hate runescape, and we ABSOLUTELY HATE E-TARDS. Say "u," "ur," "y," "wat," and "ppl," and you CAN AND WILL GET FLAMED.

Ok, I get it now.  I cannot abbreviate on the forums...sheesh

You can, but nobody will like you.

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