Which game should I choose?

Lord of the Rings Online
3 (14.3%)
Eve Online
5 (23.8%)
City of Heroes/Villains
3 (14.3%)
Tabula Rasa (new)
1 (4.8%)
Other (please specify)
9 (42.9%)

Total Members Voted: 0

Voting closed: April 01, 2008, 12:39:15 AM

Author Topic: Which pay-to-play MMORPG should I play?  (Read 3896 times)

I know most of you either don't care what I pick or you are going to tell me to play WoW, but this is serious business. (Next person to post picture of a cat will have bad luck for 5.145 years.)

WoW is good. Get EVE though. its awesome.

Lord of the rings is a good game, I had a level 25 on it who was a grand master weed farmer.

i like City of Heroes.

Is city of Heroes anything like Guild Wars? I don't really like Guild Wars much, and I know it's the same company.

World of Warcraft, it has 3 choices to pay. Choose the annual fee.

Is city of Heroes anything like Guild Wars? I don't really like Guild Wars much, and I know it's the same company.

Planetside - if you want awesome team-based-FPS-action

Dropships, jeeps, tanks and more! :D

Eve Online is spoken highly of, and so is Planetside.

I've never played either.

Ragnarok Online. Best MMORPG I ever played.

I have heard of Planetside before, it looks cool. So is it an FPS that you rank up and get new equipment like CoD4?
On another note, I have just tried the trial for Eve yesterday. It seems a little boring, but maybe it is because I am not into it yet.
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Planetside, EVE, or City of Heroes/Villains.

Planetside is great if you like working in teams. You really can't be a lonewolf in the game as you will basically be eaten alive.

Game revolves around capturing bases and continents. You do this through hacking and defending each base.

Theres lots of vehicular combat.

You don't really have a level, instead, you earn the right to use certain weapons and vehicles by earning kills and working in teams. Its not too strict and if you want you can spend you certification points on something like the heavy flyer (forgot name) cert and you can fly the big aircraft or perhaps you want to go stealthy.

There are also awards and skills which you can gain by being a successful commander.

Its not cheap to play (like $15/month) but if you join a good clan its worth it.

Planetside sounds pretty cool but I think I want to stick to an RPG like City of Heroes or Lord of the Rings. Eve seems a bit boring to me, although I like the customization.