Author Topic: Who here has never changed their avatar?  (Read 8755 times)

I haven't changed mine since the beginning. But I've also only posted a few times in the last ten years. 🙂

ive had OG bowser variations since august 2015

I haven't changed my avatar in a really long time. at least for me I like when people keep their avatars the same, I end up associating their avatar with their name and it makes it easier to recognize them

I don't trust people who change their avatar/username on a whim tbh
mines been this ferret TheWorm drew for like years
These avatars are like actual nostalgia to me now, its sort of weird. Mines been this for 10+ years probably, but I dont even like anime so I dont know if it was a good investment.

I do every once in a while, for S's and giggles, but I also go back to what I had.

ehh maybe once or twice but not in over 10 years I think.

before this one I had a snake nose drawing that vertical horizon drew me and I think before that it was "do the dew" and a lil guy humping a mtn dew can but that's before yous guys time lol

changed mine once haven't changed it since

I think I've had this same profile picture since I registered in 2009. I think I used it as my steam account first before finding out Blockland, and used it since. Don't think I've ever had a different profile picture for any of my accounts.

Been a long time coming but it's refreshing to see a few familiar faces around here

I've kept mine since I first set an avatar. Used to be my avatar everywhere but I've made a new one for other places since then.

if someone could find my previous minion hooker avatar id be forever grateful

if someone could find my previous minion hooker avatar id be forever grateful
5 dollah hooka... memories

More like... 'Who here has never showered'