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My Steam Deck came in the mail today, and of course the first game I had to try out was Blockland. And despite the "unknown" compatibility rating from steam, it actually worked on the first try.

I joined Age of Dungeons, and playing online felt normal.

I tried hosting and while no one joined me, I did try loading in a ton of default saves, and it handled it just fine.


I'd describe the controls as good enough for just playing casually, but probably definitely unusable for building. Surprisingly, there was a community bind made for the deck, revealing that someone tried this before me. The other issue I had was the inability to run shaders above minimum. Setting any higher would immediately crash the game.

It's pretty interesting to see how far SteamOS and Proton have come, considering how well blockland used to run (I wonder if Badspot still has that steam machine....) But yeah, if you felt the need to play blockland on the go, it does indeed work on the Steam Deck. Assuming you can get used to playing with controller binds.

holy stuff i was going to make a thread on doing this when i got my steam deck, unfortunately i have to wait until q4 :c. gg
regarding crashing above minimum shaders that doesnt really surprise me. blockland's shaders seem to have very bizarre issues on certain types of hardware (poor performance on nvidia gpus, rendering glitches on intel hd) and while the game has run pretty well on wine for several years it wouldnt surprise me if theres some weird incompatibility
also in regards to the controls i remember years ago experimenting with playing blockland on a controller. i think the best way to implement the game's controls would be to have some button that toggles between a "play" and "build" mode; play mode would let you do full player movement and actions while the build mode would give you the controls for moving and placing bricks. that being said as the steamdeck controls are more versatile compared to the xbox 360 controllers of yore (you have two touchpads and additional buttons on the back) you may be able to get away with something fairly elegant
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just bought my steam deck lets goo
will post here again once i get it and play blockland on it

tfw blockland lived long enough to go from windows xp to forgetin steam deck

still waiting for someone to make the port out of pure spite

the future is now

also valve has just recently tested blockland on steam deck apparently

quick we must find the blid of the valve employee
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I just finished the tutorial on the Steam Deck, so it's definitely possible to build on it too.