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its very likely these videos are going to be taken down so if you're reading this thread and none of them work \_(ツ)_/ nothin' i can do. definitely look at the forum link though i posted

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Rockstar wouldnt make a caked up chola a gta protagonist this is fake

Downloaded the videos, it's real. Way too detailed, with the inclusion of dev tools, if this isn't real, whoever made it is a psychopath for being so meticulous.

leak comes from some guy who was notorious of doing the Uber hacking (& got into the Uber dev's Slack channel). its probably the same way they got the leak for this too. nobody in the dev team afaik was involved.
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holy forget
people are going to have a field day with this, rockstar is having their own hl2 beta leak moment

video with all the clips just got taken down by take 2, it's absolutely confirmed
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The leaker is also now holding a build (and probably even the source code) ransom

This guy is actually playing GTA mission IRL

Rockstar when they find the leaker

every single youtube link i posted was taken down. ill see if i can find more

unreal asset flip
I would like to formally apologize; upon reviewing the footage I have come to the realization that still images are a bad representation of what is given.
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i DL'd the bigass .rar with all the vids in it, without a doubt legit, looks dope

First the little mermaid and now GTA?!?!

everything is going woke!

went down a rabbit hole reading through old threads and randomly came across this one, seeing older posts vehemently implying there could be no feasible ways to incorporate female characters into gta is fascinating