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what did Mardalf do?
As far as I know, nothing. Just rather it be someone else lol

does this actually still exist?
obviously no lmao TBM got banhammered over a decade and a half ago. IIRC there was some effort to continue the mod's development into soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning that could compete with retail but that went nowhere.

There was a mod for TBM called TOB (The Orange Block) that was active until sometime around 2014. The IRC server is still up surprisingly, but the playerbase is about as existent as Badspot's plans to update the game further.

I feel good, I feel all right
Cruising through my neighborhood on a warm summer night
I feel good
That's right
I feel good now, summer nights

also i regret saying alot of stuff
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This is the greatest game ever and I'll continue to build random garbage even if the master server perishes

It was fun watching everything go down.

Fellas, it's almost time to jack off and leave