Author Topic: Does anyone know what the extremely laggy sandbox indie space MMO was called?  (Read 316 times)

It seemed kinda cool I remember being posted here but EVERYTHING was done serverside making the game so laggy it was unplayable. It was an MMO of sorts and you started on an empty planet walking around. I don't remember much about because I couldn't loving play the thing it lagged so much. It almost seemed like it was trying to be no mans sky before no mans sky
Found:Shores of Hazeron

Edit: Okay there are these two other games I'm also looking for. They were both made by the same person, both side scrolling shooters. One game was horror setting and VERY red like everything in the game was red and bloody. You had a space suit and it seemed like you were slowly descending into some kinda lab killing monsters.
The other game that was on the same engine and was a 2D sidescroller that was similar to GTA, you would go around killing random people and taking missions in a futuristic city. They both were games you had to download. I swear the website was three numbers then a name (
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The lag on Shores of Hazeron was reduced in the last years. Since 2020 the game had a free-to-play period two times. Now it is coming back in a single player version with possible private servers that can be hosted by the players.