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Well I think this game is awesome, I know its a browser game but I got to my next rank on it :)
Its rly fun you have to get these tokens every day (1 token each day unless you get a friend to click a banner or site of your profile and make them register you get free tokens then)
When you get tokens you can play a game where you have to match the potions and other kinds of stuff!
You can also you your ingredients to make stuff! (example: A free token)
So join now!
Also heres the site, just click register on my profile thing :P
NOTE: Ask me to put your profile up here and I will so you can get free tokens (If you're lucky!)
I put mine up here.
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I tried it but I dont know what to do.  It seems interesting. 

I got it, you use the arrow keys lol.  Its fun I played 2 games, thus i am broke.  CLICK THIS =]

none of my potions work :_( , great game, very addicting :D

this sucks, only 1 games a day.
otherwise it'd be fun and addictive :(