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Megaman 1-3 best of the nintendo series

4-6 was same ol same ol just charge ability and rush modes plus the additions of eddy and beak(that bird thing)

Megaman 7 was ok,

9 Rockman and Forte (JP only) was pretty good -Bass was better than megaman in terms of bought power ups-

X-X3 were epic, good levels of fun and difficulty (X2 bike levels were stupid hard though)

Megman 8 anniversary -had spiffy anime scenes, played like 7-

X4 -Great anime scenes, Duo kills the guys at X headquarters and its either blood or red oil, still great!-  Game was great as well

X5-6 -shafted the anime scenes for boring pictures-, played like any other X game

Megaman Legends 1 + 2.. Differing opinions on these games.. some people found the controls to clunky and the leap from 2D to 3D disorienting...
====I LOVED THEM!.. legends kicked ass for me.. SHINING LASER!!!!! lawl!====

X7 -Dear god why!!!!!..  axels a tard, the controls were beyond awful and the game was just crap.

X8 -Suppose to be better than X7, not saying much.. never got a chance to play this one-

Megaman had a mix of megaman 1 and megaman 2 villians, very annoying levels. but was overall a good handheld (Considering that Grey Brick to play it on)

=GBC, they remade some X games from the snes... nuff said

The Zero series was decent =1 was probably my favorite due to it being new=

Battlenetwork =Preferred taste kinda game, I enjoyed the first 1, they pretty much all played the same though, but its all good=

Megaman ZX.. its just like the zero series but even more punishing on you if you attack a bosses weakspot =wasnt the point of megaman games to use weakness against bosses?=,, and the whole mission/travel map stuff sucks!.
-The second game ZX Advent I never played, Its probably just like ZX but with added stuff-

Starforce.. Never played. I didnt like the whole over the shoulders camera view they used.