Which one?

Battlefield 2
14 (35%)
Battlefield 2142
26 (65%)

Total Members Voted: 1

Author Topic: BF2 or BF2142?  (Read 5865 times)

wtf I got rank up today and I don't get to choose one two. :<

where do I pick them? I looked through the bfhq menu... :l

(this is BF2 we're talking about here, not 2142, right?

I'm *fairly* sure that you get 1 unlock for every rank up, but you get 2 unlocks if you've played at least 30 minutes on BF2:SF. It should prompt you on what weapons you want unlocked after you rank up and disconnect from the server.

When you say BF2:SF, do you mean the BF2 PC addon, or the PS2 version of BF2?

PS2 version of BF2 is BF2:MC

The PS2 is actually not that much of a bad game. It has FPS troubles at times, but most moderately old PS2 games do. The "Hot-Swapping" thingy was certainly something new in the stagnant war FPS.

They obviously don't have hot swapping in the online mode.
God damn I had fun in the online mode... Was always either 1st or second. Especially that snow map with the giant hanger in the center. I used to cheat and climb the roof, then snipe from there. :D


I'm a horrible sniper, but somehow can get at least 3 kills in America's Army.