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Useful Advie:  Make sure that when your dad gets his medicine he doesn't drink too much water, that could make him throw-up.

He cant be cured, he waited too long to get a check up, he got them in his lynf notes so its spread throughout his body.

I should have posted earlier. Sorry to hear that, I'll keep him in my prayers. Maybe it will clear up or something.

awww sorry to hear that
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Well, the docter said today he only has about 3 days, he was crying to day and whispering to god that he hurt so bad and he wanted him to be cured, i think were going to have to let him go home. :'(

Aw man sorry to hear that. Keep having faith that god will heal him, if God said that
he would be healed it will happen. I'll be praying for your dad.

Well... Hes going to die overnight, the nurse said that theres something, i cant remember, like stuck in his lungs or something and he is going to die tonight, but they said with all the medicine hes had hes dying in peace... It only makes me think of a part in a System Of A Down song,

Everytime i look in your eyes, every day im watching you die...

Oh man, my dads going home, hes getting to see god, hes going to heaven, hes going to HEAVEN! Its odd, i have mixed emotions, im sad/happy... I feel like crap.

Sorry to hear that, i hope your dad goes in peace, and watches down upon your family as you go through your lives. :'-(

At least your dad will suffer no longer. Man, this is really making me cry. I know how it feels to lose a loved one. Just know that one day, you will be with him again.

Man, I'm really sorry. But as others said, he is going to a better place. I'm am truley sorry.

As i said i'm sorry, Mav why aren't u on msn.... sry for this crappy post at a time like this. this is for me.

i think we should have a moment of silence and stop all blockland servers.

maybe we can set up a memorial service

We need to do that yeah. Uh Badspot?

god i feel almost the same as you do, i lost my gran to cancer last year, before christmas... :'(