Author Topic: GTA:IV to be released in 10 Days.  (Read 3892 times)

I don't understand why people pay for console gaming..

So your paying for a Internet connection and the access to the internet via your xboxthingy

Whats wrong with waiting for the pc version, witch will always be better* and paying less?

*unless if its a crappy port

So are you supposed to steal the games, then?  :cookieMonster:

And I don't see why people fuss over the fact that you have to pay for Xbox Live. It's a great service (I'm not saying the others aren't), and all it takes is a couple of hours of burger flipping. I mean, really. If you can afford an Xbox 360 and its accessories/games, then you can afford Xbox Live.

Right, I wasn't saying it's a bad service either, but UsernameWTF obviously can not weigh pro's and con's and was bashing the PS3 for the five minute wait, so I had to call him out on it.

What will you do when GTA:IV is released?  Remember, pre-order before it comes out to ensure you get your copy!

Some questions that may follow:

Q: Will GTA:IV have a talking GPS in the cars that cost more money?
A: Yes, GTA:IV will have this.  You will need a lot of money though to buy that car you want.  There are a lot more fun stuff to this game too.

Q: Will GTA:IV be released on PC?
A: There is an 87% chance GTA:IV will be released onto the PC.  It may take a year or two.  Just make sure you have an upgraded PC for this game!

Q: What about Xbox live? Will it have Xbox live?
A: Yes, it also was confirmed there was will an expansion pack for GTA:IV sometime this year via Xbox Live marketplace.

Q: Why does PS3 require you to install stuff onto the console and Xbox don't?
A: I don't know really, I don't really like PS3, and I don't know why you need to install stuff onto the console just to play GTA:IV.  It has been confirmed it's mandatory and could take up to 5 minutes or longer.  That's why I love Xbox, just an insert and play  :cookie:.

Q: Should I play GTA:IV without a cooler on my Xbox 360?
A: YES! Never use ANY coolers on the Xbox 360, they wreck your Xbox.  I believe thats why Xbox changed the way their power cords are hooked up on the newer 360's because of this.  I played over 8 hours without a cooler and it still works just fine.

chances of gta iv comeing out on pc is pretty low realy they said onley xbox 360 or ps3

Can't wait for GTA IV.   :cookieMonster:


Can't wait for GTA IV.   :cookieMonster:

Seven days left.  Six if your just reading this.  You should get a shipping e-mail in about three days.  It also depends what store you ordered from and if you pre-ordered.  I did.

Thread made by some one with zero control over it methinks. I'm Starting my own one because I've been waiting for this game since it was like first announced.