Author Topic: Whats with /b/?  (Read 3115 times)

Its gone all MGS4 and such with the music and the explanation thingy at the top. Anyone know what the hell is going on?

They do this stuff all the time.

WHERES THE research

All they are doing is flushing out more newcigarettes, because they will all think 4chan really ended and they will say "BYE /B/ I HAVE BEEN AROUND FOR 4 YAERZ!!#1!11!" and leave, and little do they know it will be back to normal the next day

"old /b/
/b/ has changed.
it's no longer about original content, epic GETs, and win
it's an endless series of reposts, perpetuated by newcigarettes and trolls
fail - and its consumption of /b/, has become an unstoppable cancer.
/b/ has changed."

It's so true though.

it was stuff to begin with. even 4chan hates /b/

It's just a bunch of kids posting vulgar pictures and stupid in-jokes. I'm sure you'll find a substitute.

Not to be a shocker, but what the heck is /b/?

You won't ever be the same person. It changes people.

It's like the game, if you don't know, you want to. Once you do, you want out.

It's down last time I checked. :cookieMonster:

The good b has been for a while. Only this b is decent.

I thing this guy got it.