Author Topic: Ladios's Slate Edits 1.4.2 *old, may not work*  (Read 22806 times)

Welcome to the newest installment of the Ladios's Slate Edits series. This new version features compatability with v9 as well as two new maps! Credits to Masterlegodude and GSFghost for various textures and resources. To install, merely download this .Zip and save it to your add-ons folder (thank you v9!)
I hope you enjoy these maps, and have an excellent day in Blockland!

Download Ladios's Slate Edits 1.4
Note: Minor update on August 25th. Fixed laggy emmitter being optional on Slate Wastelands. Credits to Laremere for finding the problem and Badspot for giving me Modify so I can fix it.

Map seems to be broken for now. You can still download off of the link if you want, but I cannot garuntee your success.
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Looks great Ladios! Good job, like always.

I need to make 3 more maps so I can make the OP look all balanced and stuff. xD

I need to make 3 more maps so I can make the OP look all balanced and stuff. xD

Damn. I think these are enough, and everything has basically been done. What are your ideas for three more maps?

no forget you.  There's always room for more.

Thanks Ladios. These are the only solid slate maps around here, and I always enjoying using them. 10/10

3 more slate edites would be cool....
wel done though your maps are my favorate maps...

you could also make
..slate carpet..
..slate wood...
..slate ice..
there just some ideas. :)

..slate ice..

DO IT!!!!  :cookieMonster:

really i came up with tham in 10
i looked at the carpet for Slate carpet...
i looked at the timber flooring in my kitchen for Slate wood..
and icegamma i looked at your name for Slate ice.

Thanks, Ladios, for re-launching with V9.

Woo this one actually works!

ladios i love you <not in the gay way>