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559 downloads in three days? That's insane!
Ah well, I bought some 2000 MB or such which should be good for at least another day or two at this rate. If anyone cares to help, I wont ask for monetary donations, but you could sign up to and use Ladios for your referall:
You don't have to of course, but it would be much appreciated as every cent I don't spend here is another I can spend on soda. Mmmm soda!
Thank you and have a nice day.

Oh forget, I just read in the rules I am not allowed to post referall links, I am sorry Badspot. I cannot modify my post otherwise I would fix that. Feel free to delete that post if you wish, however.

these maps woop ace

Is it possible to have a mirror? I keep getting a blank page when i try to download D:

When you click the link on the first page, or the download link on the page it loads?

2287 downloads... what?

2287 downloads... what?
File size: 2.59 MB   
Downloads: 2790
Owner: Ladios   
Uploaded: August 9, 2008
In percent, how many is that compared to the total # of active users?
Edit: It's well over 4000... about 4x this topic's views. HAX.
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I would have posted on the old one but it was like.. Dead =3
These maps = FTW.

Not it is at 4000. If someone is downloading this over and over just to kill my bandwidth, then forget you. You are costing me money, but I am sure you know this, you just don't really understand how much of a forgettard you are being. See, I use money for food. Food is good. But of course if you are the type of forgettard I think you are, then you do this knowing full well how much of an inconvenience you are being. Although I have not checked yet, I am pretty sure such activities could be a punishable offense. Please discontinue.

You make the best slates i have ever seen! 9.9/10

You make the best slates i have ever seen! 9.9/10
forget you its a 10/10

Slate flipped makes me wanna puke...uggghhhh.